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Join us as we travel into the depths of all aspects of our esoteric world, pulling out the blessings and implementing them into our daily lives!

Welcome to the #BlessedTribe

Rajiv Sankarlall

I grew up in a house of violent alcoholic abuse that made me question my place in this world and the values and beliefs we hold so dear fast forward a fews after this I lost everything in the crash of 2008… With nothing left to loose, I embarked on a journey, alone into the depth of the world from its dark underbelly to heights of the Himalayas. I travelled far and wide studying with different Gurus, Monks, Spiritual Masters. Learning about what life really about underneath it all, about compassion and fellowship with our brothers and sisters, about spreading the light within us, thats been dormant out into the world!

For a tree’s branches to reach heaven, its roots must go down to the depths of hell, Only by facing my own shadow was I truly able to live a wonderful and blessed life! I would love to help you live the same! Life is too small to not reach for your dreams!

Kate Buck

Growing up, the religious culture I was brought up in never seemed quite right to me. So, I went out searching out to see if others felt the same, hoping to find something more meaningful, but eventually, I came to the conclusion that while I believed in a God or something greater than myself, I dismissed the idea that organized religion was the access to it.  Personal development seminars became a big part of my life, and while they didn’t bring spiritual fulfillment, they did give me tools for navigating life that left me feeling fulfilled.  Fast forward a decade and I found myself in a place where I no longer knew who I was or who i wanted myself to be. 

I met someone (you’ll hear from them for sure!) that introduced me to all kinds of cool stuff!  Crystals and tarot cards and mediation and green juice! I began learning about hypnosis, reiki and out of body experiences; I traveled to Sedona and Mount Shasta and of course Burning Man! Gaia TV became my new Netflix.  Now it’s been five years of trying all sorts of different things. Finding some answers and even more questions…  Which is what brings me (and you) here to Blessed Podcast — a place for conversation about what it means to live a #Blessed life!

Daryl Henderson

My journey toward spirituality started before I was born; I just didn’t know it yet. My father was a minister when I was child, and we spent most of my childhood living in a small town in Virginia with very conservative views. So my view on spirituality was skewed to say the least. Fast forward to my teenage years when rebellion took over and led me down a dark path. For years I lived in a daze of confusion never feeling grounded in myself, all the while knowing there was something much larger than my existence at play. Finally, I gathered the courage to turn and face the shadow I’d been trying to run from all my life. That decision changed everything and led me to a burning curiosity about people, how we operate, how we can heal, and what’s the “stuff” tying us all together. This journey has led me to spend time with shamans, energy workers, transformational leaders,monks, and indigenous tribes all in an effort to learn what’s really important in life and cultivate compassion for all people of this world. What I discovered is that changing the world, starts with changing our inner world. Make your life a work of art filled with joy first. I believe that this is the first step to change the world at large.

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