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  • UDay 2018. Unification Through a Convergence of Fire.

    Co-Hosts Kate and Raj introduce a new co-host Daryl to the conversation, as Raj and Daryl discuss their journey to Ethiopia for Uday 2018. Check out this episode!

  • Mastering Mindfulness

    Co-Hosts Kate and Raj dive deep into what it means to be mindful and how to deepen your daily practice through it. Check out this episode!

  • Awakening Spirituality Through Daily Practice

    Co-Hosts Kate and Raj discuss Loving oneself and Spiritual Dedication through daily practice despite the obstacles that get in the way. Check out this episode!

  • What is Spirituality?

    With topics ranging from tarot cards, past life regression therapy, yoga, near death experiences, and even travel as a way to achieve consciousness expansion, take the journey with our hosts […]

  • The Journey Begins!

    Meet your co-hosts, Kate, Raj and Daryl, and hear them chat about what to expect throughout Season 1 of the show. This episode is an introduction and overview of the […]

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